Ryan Shannon, Boston College Class of 2015

  • Spirituality, Religion & The College Student Experience (ED/PY295)

I am fortunate to have had Danny as a teacher and mentor for the class, “Spirituality, Religion, & The College Student Experience” during my time as an undergraduate at Boston College. Danny is an inspiring, thoughtful, and motivating educator both inside and outside the classroom. Danny would sit in on small group classroom discussions and proved to be a valuable resource through sharing his extensive knowledge of higher education, his personal views, & experiences. He is able to engage in conversation with students from all walks of life. He challenged my peers and I to broaden our perspectives on the way religion can influence and shape college campuses.

 As part of the class, Danny created an overnight retreat experience that gave students the opportunity to take on a leadership role for the retreat. I volunteered to do a personal talk on how my past experiences and family life have shaped the way I understand and pursue my spiritual identity at BC. Danny and I met regularly to discuss my talk and each time we did I walked away feeling more aware and confident with who I am. Through our conversations and Danny’s words of wisdom I am better able to articulate my spirituality and appreciate the essential role it plays in my life. Danny is the definition of a good conversation partner and mentor.

As someone who is interested in pursuing Higher Education, I am thankful for the positive example that Danny has set for his work and passion for working with students.