Featured Feminist Award - April 2014

I'm so honored and humbled to be named Featured Feminist for the Boston College Women's Resource Center.  For a link to my profile, click here.  I admire this new initiative by the center, as it "aims to debunk the common stereotypes associated with the word 'feminist'...towards a more positive and inclusive definition..."  

Last week, I served as a presenter for Man Up? What It Means To Be A Man BC for Concerned About Rape Education (C.A.R.E.) Week, an event hosted by the Boston College Women's Resource Center.  We had a group of fifty undergraduates, graduates, and professionals engage in a conversation about masculinity, gender roles, healthy relationships, and consent.  For evaluations of the event, click here.

I have also served as a presenter for Love Your Body Week, hosted by the Boston College Women's Resource Center.  For more information, see speaking engagements for education.