Intersectionality & College Men: Complicating The Single Story

I recently authored a guest post titled "Intersectionality & College Men: Complicating The Single Story" for Higher Education Scholars @ Boston College, which is a PhD student blog.

"The single story of today’s college men is the assumption that they are doing just fine, due to their privileged gender identity status and historical dominance in the academy. The foregone conclusion that these factors will ensure success for an overwhelming majority of men is simply untrue and not supported by empirical research. This oversimplification is harmful to all men, particularly those from historically disadvantaged populations who are made up of multiple oppressed identities and groups, and therefore, may experience additional stereotyping due to the multiplicity of their identities.

The single story is often reinforced when scholars and practitioners of higher education focus on men solely as gendered beings, rather than from an intersectional approach..."

The full post is available here.

* A PDF of the post is available here