Book review: The Sacred Project of American Sociology, by Christian Smith, Oxford University Press, 2014.

Zepp, D. A. (2014).  A review of the book The Sacred Project of American Sociology, by Christian Smith. ACCU Collegium News, 3(18), 13-14. Retrieved from

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing The Sacred Project of American Sociology by Christian Smith, which was published in Collegium News, Fall 2014 issue.  The Collegium newsletter is distributed to alumni faculty and graduate fellows of Collegium.  I attended the Collegium annual Colloquy on Faith & Intellectual Life as a graduate fellow this past summer at the College of the Holy Cross, along with seventy faculty and five other graduate fellows from Catholic colleges and universities across the country.  We engaged in conversations around the Catholic intellectual tradition, with a primary focus on the development of one's own sense of vocation as intellectuals in a contemporary context. 

Here is my book review from the Collegium Fall 2014 Issue, pp. 13-14 (click to enlarge): 

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